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  1. We were headed to Florida from Michigan for a nice warm break. SPTC has always been part of our activities. This year we decided to take up some lessons for a different perspective than we receive at home. I must say Brian was awesome. He opened up his tip book for sure. I am a 3.5 player that even plays some 4.0 and my wife is a 3.0 player. we both play on USTA leagues. We learned so much in such a short time,
    Thank you Brian, we are applying your lessons to our practices ever day now.

  2. I hadn’t played tennis in 14 years and had very little experience. Brian helped give me the confidence to give it a try!! After just a few private lessons, I was able to hit with some skill and precision. He also helped me meet others so that we could practice.

  3. Brian has been teaching my 13 and 15-year old kids for the past year. They started out as beginners and now are playing really well! He is very patient and comes up with great drills to help them improve. He assigns them drills to do on their own between lessons which has been very helpful. I highly recommend him!

  4. Tennis with Brian!!
    Tennis with Brian at the St Petersburg tennis Club was very informative and fun. Brian gave such great tips on how to play. I have impactful skills and practice now, I feel more confident to be consistent. Thank you Brian for 6 fun hours. Talk to you soon

  5. Went to Brian’s clinic on a recent visit to St. Pete’s on Tuesday. It was a good clinic-roughly 4.0 level with the 7 others that came this night. Drills were good/challenging and fun. Brian gave insight and focused on control with each drill. He was very friendly and welcomed me to his clinic. Thanks again- I was very glad to find this clinic on my brief visit.

  6. Coach Brian is an awesome coach!!! He is always encouraging me especially when I don’t do something right. He takes the time to explain what I did wrong and then gives helpful tips on how to fix it. No matter what I do wrong he is there to help. He says “good job” or “that was great” and gives all his students high fives every time, even when it is not necessary, its little things like that, that make Coach Brian so amazing.

  7. My daughter has picked up tennis amazingly she has learned very fast and is enjoying it alot! Brian is a very nice coach and has helped her with tennis alot! Thank you brian!

  8. Hello Brian just a note to thank you for the outstanding tennis sessions we had during my recent visit to St. Petersburg. Your analysis and training sessions with me were well worth the investment and you left me with simple and significant tips that I could remember and take back home to continue working on my technical and competitive development.
    Again Brian thank you so much for your patience kindness and professionalism and I look forward to my next visit to St. Petersburg to show you my improvement.

  9. Brian helped me prepare for the Raymond James Senior Tournament. Brian’s knowledge and instruction helped me get the most out of my game and compete successfully.

  10. I’m an older player, 69 this year, struggling to remain in singles. Brian helped me recognize how to exploit remaining strengths and compensate for, largely physical, weaknesses. I value his knowledge, patience and push. And, I’m trying to remember that control is everything.

  11. Met Brian on my recent trip to St. Pete Beach, When I called to try to connect with an instructor who would listen as well as instruct I did imagine it would such a good fit. Brian is great, calmly instructs, checks for understanding, provides helpful feedback. He is patient, my game improved in the two lessons I have had so far. Now I need to go home and practice the benchmarks of good ground strokes he provided. I plan one more lesson before I must travel home and additional lessons at Christmas when I return. I highly recommend Brian, he has the ability to tailor the direction of each lesson towards the age of the student for maximum benefit.

  12. I worked with Brian for my last couple months in the Tampa area. He picked out my areas of weakness and worked with me to improve them. My game improved greatly under his direction. I can confidently say that I am a much better playing after having worked with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

  13. Brian demonstrates both great teaching skills AND great patience. I’ve played for years without ever taking a lesson, so I had to un-learn a lot of bad habits, and Brian just keeps finding new ways to help. He also has an amazing ability to see exactly what I’m doing right and wrong, sometimes with just a glance. He’s a natural, and after just a few lessons, I found my game improving. More importantly, the guys I play against have all commented on the improvements. I’m going back for more, and I recommend him highly.

  14. Brian’s drills and skills clinic was awesome! He listened to my goals and helped me improve my control and consistency. He picked out the key areas of my technique that needed improvement which helped improve my strokes immediately. I’ll definitely be going back!

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